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Consolidating digital homes…

Something about working in professional blogging makes maintaining a personal blog seem like somewhat of a drag. ;) Like many other “internet old-timers” I have gravitated over the years towards shorter updates, shares, and more social & conversational media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. There’s also the fatigue involved in maintaining so many separate digital profiles and identities over long periods of time, and the desire to spend more of my free time doing “less of that stuff” — at least, the bits that involve more heavy lifting. Odd that blogging feels like heavy lifting these days compared to the ease of firing off a tweet or bookmarkleting something to Tumblr…

So, for the most part you will find me at all those wonderful networks and places listed in the sidebar of this site. If anything, the best digital hub moving forward will be which will catch both my Tumblr and my music projects. Enjoy, and see you out there in the digitalsphere and beyond

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Do you love personal technology and online media? Want to help build something cool? Read on…

About you

  • You should have lots of interest and expertise as well as ideally some experience producing content in the realms of personal technology and consumer electronics.
  • You should enjoy wearing multiple hats, be flexible as roles and duties shift, and thrive on working in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • You must have a fun, friendly, and positive attitude.
  • You must either be in the Los Angeles area or willing to relocate.

About us

We’re a startup based in Santa Monica, CA. We’re building a new online destination in the personal technology space and looking for smart and creative folks to be a part of our editorial team. Our work environment is fun and energetic, and we offer competitive pay with benefits.

Here are the three positions we’re currently hiring:


This role will work closely with our in-house programming staff as well as help oversee a geographically distributed freelance team of writers and content creators. You will be responsible for helping to program major content areas within the site, contracting new writers, ensuring a high level of quality and accuracy in editorial, and using analytical tools to evaluate content performance. We would expect you to bring vision to our editorial direction, be able to iteratively craft original content strategies based on performance, have cogent ideas and methods for building an audience, and be able to execute on them.

The ideal candidate should have managerial experience as well as experience working with virtual teams.

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Thanks and praise for challenges old and new

There’s nothing in life more constant than change. It is in that spirit that I embrace a big one: next week I’ll be starting a new position at a new consumer electronics-focused startup based in Santa Monica. I won’t be leaving my newfound home of Los Angeles (yay!) but I will unfortunately and reluctantly be leaving my amazing colleagues at Mashable, and am already jealous of all the wild success the top-notch team will continue to have without me.

It’s been an incredible past year at Mashable, action packed with more peak experiences than I can name here. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the unparalleled TED conference in Long Beach along with a multitude of other excellent events from CES to CTIA, SXSW to E3 and many more. I got a chance to interview amazing folks undertaking innovative and interesting projects in social media and technology, from Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith to The Roxy’s Nic Adler, iPad DJ Rana Sobhany to cancer activist Clark Harris (aka @SilentClark), forward thinkers like Nokia’s Henry Tirri and inspiring prodigy Adora Svitak.

On top of all that I had the opportunity to speak at events including CES, Gravity Summit, and the SXSW Tweet House as well as speak to students at Emerson College’s #ESM Social Media class and make media appearances on Nikki Sixx’s Sixx Sense show, Marsha Collier’s excellent Computer and Technology Radio program, NewsTalk 1010, co-host This Week in Android and more. I also got a chance to meet the cast of Simon Fuller’s If I Can Dream, promote independent and social media-aware music and artists in the long-running Free Music Monday series, meet veritable boatloads of brilliant people working in the SM/tech space, and even enjoy the surreal experience of attending a reality show wedding.

In short, it’s been a wild ride. I will greatly miss the team and plan to continue cheering on the Mashable brand from the sidelines. I’ll be hitting the ground running at the new gig this coming Monday, heading up content programming and strategy at a new CE destination I look forward to being able to tell everyone more about as we get closer to actually launching! In the meantime: stay tuned and stay in touch! And to my dearest Team Mash: so long and thanks for all the lolcats. We’ll always have Twitter. And Facebook. And Flickr. And Posterous. And… gosh, this social media thing is awfully convenient, innit?

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On a move, parts 1 and 2

I’m very excited to be about to complete a relocation from Ithaca, NY to Los Angeles, CA — it’s been almost 2 years in the making including various factors from stars aligning properly to learning how to be a landlord (have kept my place in NY, in the hands of great tenants) to dealing with all The Stuff in corners and closets I stashed when I had moved in 5 years earlier with best intentions to Deal With Someday… in short, it was a process. On Friday I moved in to my awesome and totally discovered by chance apartment in the Palms area of LA. Early this week my ABF U-Pack trailer arrives to reacquaint me with all the stuff that made the cut — with any luck, it will all be intact!

Along with that big move news, and actually completely unrelated, is another change: I’ve accepted an offer to take on the role of Senior Editor at I’m excited to be returning to a focus on social media and social tech and working with a top-notch team at a destination that’s been in my daily feed reading since 2005.

It’s been a great year working with the fine folks at Crowd Fusion and I wish the team there all the best. I can’t really talk yet about some of the cool things coming up there and how it might mean some continued involvement with the platform, but rest assured we are parting on good terms and I have high hopes for the continued success of the company.

In between NY and CA I managed to squeeze in a bit of on the road Kerouac-style vacation, driving coast to coast in my trusty ’98 Toyota Corolla whose awesome gas mileage had me going 8 hours at a stretch before a refill with those pesky non-renewable fossil fuels. I was 13 days on the trip and only had 1 night of hotel (richly enjoyed in Deadwood, SD), staying with friends and family along the way and having many memorable adventures. The last time I made a cross-country trek was back in the Triassic Period of 1997, and this trip shared with it 2 very important pit-stops: Chicago, and Wall Drug, SD. If you’ve ever been to Wall Drug, or if you’ve even just driven on 90W through South Dakota, you know what I’m talking about.

In the “I get by with a little help from my friends” Acknowledgements section I must extend heaping amounts of gratitude to all the folks who helped make this move possible: Julia, Jackie & Joe, Mrs. Perrone (who performed the very vital role of cleaning supervisor), Chris Willett and Bobby the plumber, the affable Sears repair dude, the last-minute roofer who also regaled me with stories about his recent cross-country trips, Dounan (ice cream and heavy lifting), Meryl (fire-starter), Shane and Scott at Certified Properties, Jason and Danielle my awesome tenants, Leah and Amelia (refreshments and PA system adoption), Laura Darlington (LA intelligence ground team, Bowflex consultation), Eliot (interim home office), Dan, Diane, Erin and Ryan O’Halloran (adopted family in (too) sunny Burbank), Judith (encouragement and shared brain matter), CK (covering for my vacationing ass, etc.), Daddy Bowen (spiritual road-trip presence), Mom and Jo-Jo, Ruby (Cleveland party planner), Sam Axon (provider of Chicago food, pad, improv and Kerouac library), Tam and Lauren (Presidents of the Minneapolis Secret Spoon Society), Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, Sarge (Denver hail and smoke), Dad and Joy (Albuquerque welcoming committee), Dawn (Vegas MC and encouragement), ABF U-Pack, WestSideRentals, Peter’s Movers, Rory the super super at Carseka Apts., Clotho and the Norns, and everyone else whose inclusion would turn this section into a paperback novel.

If you’re in the LA social tech scene, I look forward to meeting you! One such opportunity happens to be coming up this Friday at the Mashable Hyatt4Good Tweetup Tour — I’ll be there with bells on, etc. If you’re not in LA but have occasion to visit, give me a shout and let’s meet up! I’ll be here whenever I’m not travelling to events, trying vainly to Do Everything Cool — a Sisyphean task if ever there was one. If you know of anything in town I Absolutely Must See, let me know that too!

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Fresh start

Old blog was old. Old blog was so old I didn’t have the patience to deal with the pain of updating it, its various sub-blogs, cleaning up all the spam and the hacks from the old security holes… so I figure it’s about time for a clean slate.

I’m going to lock down comments and pretty much anything remotely writable so it will be a read-only archive, but if you happen to have an urge to dive into The Past you can see the archives of the old me at the WWW subdomain.

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